Networking Evening

Thursday, February 20

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Our quarterly networking evenings are back!

Join us on February 20 for a glass of wine, good conversation, and networking!

Attendance limited to 20 people.


Join us for an interactive session discussing ways to recharge, boost energy, and improve your mood.

Then, use these tips to set goals for 2020 and create your vision for a new start.


Speaker: Annie Gaudreault
Holistic nutritionist, women’s health expert, and wellness coach


Workshop Info


2510 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M4P 2H7

Rate: $80 plus HST



Your guide to productivity and success while staying healthy and sane!

In this interactive workshop, Annie will discuss the essential pillars of health that will decrease your stress, improve your productivity and make you achieve your goals.

Understand how you can optimize your health and impact your life to live better, and meet the high demands of your professional life.


About Annie Gaudreault:

Annie is a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach who practices what she preaches. An accomplished endurance athlete, Annie has completed over 10 marathons including the prestigious Boston Marathon as well as 3 endurance triathlon Ironman® competitions.

A prior 20+ year career as a brand consultant working with executives of Fortune 500 companies gave her a solid background to serve the wellness needs of those living busy lives. She is a regular speaker to corporations and lifestyle organizations on various topics of health and is an expert on healthy aging.

In her mid 40’s Annie went back to school to become a certified holistic nutritionist. As the founder of VEEV, she supports the health and wellness of women to live their best life through private and group coaching, workshops and retreats.