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Scala Connects

Free 1-hr Online Sessions via Zoom
Various dates | at 12:00 noon

Join Us for an Hour

Our Scala Connects series is designed as a forum for women to connect with like-minded professionals and get a break from their weekly routine. These free, 1-hour sessions over lunchtime, focus on specific topics and provide networking opportunities to help you learn and grow your career.

Join us on Friday, reflect over the weekend, and be ready to take action on Monday.
So grab your lunch, close the door, and take time for yourself.

Guest Speakers

Each session features leaders in their field, sharing knowledge and insights with you. Mentors from Scala programs and special guests create a unique series of lunch and learn sessions.


All Scala Connects sessions begin and end with interactive chat sessions for participants to meet and connect with each other.  You’ll be able to submit questions in advance or ask them during the session, making sure that our programming is relevant for you.

Is Organic Social Dead?


Growing Your Audience

Social media platforms are increasingly focused on “pay to play” models, which has significantly impacted the organic growth of accounts and pages. Social media expert Cathy Landolt will give you key strategies to connect with more people and grow an engaged audience.


MAY 7 | 12 PM EST | FREE


Fear to Fun to Success

Patti Pokorchak, Small Biz Sales Coach’s brand promise is to take you from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN to Sales SUCCESS! As a shy introverted geek, she was the furthest person from being a born sales person and is living proof that sales is learned profession. Patti will alleviate your concerns and show you how it’s JUST a conversation with your newest BBF (Best Business Friend).

MAY 14 | 12 PM EST | FREE


Sales Fear to Sales Success

Declutter Your Life


Practical Steps for Getting Organized

Getting organized can be difficult. Does everything feel like it is in a mess? Do you have too much stuff? Why do you keep things? Disorganization can cause stress, anxiety and overwhelm people. Join Julie Stobbe, a Trained Professional Organizer, to find solutions that suit your personality and lifestyle, and start to declutter your life.


MAY 28 | 12 PM EST | FREE


What is Digestive Fire?

The concept of “Agni” or digestive fire explains how what and when we eat impacts everything from how much we weigh, how well we sleep, how we feel, and what illnesses we are most susceptible to. Join Astrid Schanz-Garbassi for an overview of what Agni is and why it might make you want to forget about every other “diet” you’ve heard of.



Fuelling Your “Agni”

The “Should” Monster


That Little Voice

Is your list of “shoulds” getting longer and louder and keeping you from what you really want to do? Like the monsters that hid under the bed when we were little, Should Monsters™ lose their power when we turn on the lights. Sara Smeaton will flip that switch in this high impact hour.

JUNE 25 | 12 PM EST | FREE


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