Fill Your Cup Series

A 4-Week Journey
to Your Ideal Work / Life Balance

Unlock your own definition of balance and harmony with this month-long course.

Packed with activities promoting your own self-awareness, pattern recognition, goal-setting, and purpose-clarification, these four emails will leave you feeling energized and empowered.

In this course, you will…

  • Identify your own signals from your brain and body that you are approaching burnout
  • Unpack patterns about yourself: What patterns energize you? What patterns drain you?
  • Create a customized game plan for increasing your time spent on activities that fuel you and decreasing time spent on activities that drain you
  • Dig into your own value system to understand how to motivate yourself long after this course is over

This course is for…

  • People who are ready to make a change
  • People who want to spend more time understanding themselves and their patterns
  • People who crave a life that is more balanced but don’t know where to start

The best part?

This course is completely FREE! Why? Because you deserve more balance in your life and to have the tools to help you work towards it.  Living a balanced life is an important part of Christina’s life journey, and she wants to share what she has learned with you.