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Creating a Foundation for Career Growth

A virtual, interactive Career Management program designed to help you find success in your job search.

Collaborate with Senior Executive Mentors and HR Professionals

Scala Network’s Career Restart is a unique and in-depth program designed to prepare women in career transition to find their next opportunity.

This program combines discussion and custom workshop programming with the opportunity to meet and engage with some of Canada’s most successful women. With resume and interview coaching, advice on negotiations, and LinkedIn tips, you will be ready for a role aligned with your strengths and values.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment and 1:1 coaching debrief included in the program.

2020 Summer Program Dates:

July 28

3-5 pm EST

Setting the Stage/Power of Networking/Meet your Mentor

August 4

1-3 pm EST

Valuing Emotional Intelligence

August 11

3-5 pm EST

Resume Rehab/Speed Networking with HR Mentors

August 18

1-3 pm EST

Confident Interviews/Confidence Building

August 25

1-3 pm EST

Career Catch-All/Share-All

September 2

3-5 pm EST

Redesigned for Success

Re-imagine Your Career

Be ready for greatness

These past few months have meant enormous changes for everyone.  As a result, more people and particularly more women are looking for new opportunities and new career paths.  Many women currently working are also looking to make a change either with their current employer or a move to a company more aligned with their values and beliefs.

Career Restart is a series of six sessions we developed to help women at the manager level and above assess their career strengths, refresh and re-energize their resumes, and improve their interviewing and networking skills.  Armed with new tools, you will have the opportunity to meet with senior executive mentors and HR professionals and collaborate with your peers in weekly sessions designed to help you make your next move.

Scala programs are interactive and collaborative, offering interactive learning and inspiration from experienced Coaches and Mentors. In this intimate and supportive environment, you can also participate in optional “Job Transition” sessions where small groups meet to share what is working in their plans and what challenges they face. 

We believe in the power of women helping women and encouraging and supporting each other through new challenges, new goals, and new opportunities.

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Scala Network

Annette Filler

Coach & Talent Builder
Filler Career Management

The purpose of Scala’s networking and collaborative learning model is simple: Ignite discussion

1Session 1: Setting the Stage/The Power of Networking


Connect with your cohort and meet the career mentors who will work with you over the next 6 weeks.   We’ll review plans for the sessions and introduce you to the Friday “Job Transition” sessions.

In this session participants will:

  • Begin to set goals and intentions for your course experience
  • Explore a career management framework that will help boost your job search goals
  • Establish your networking objectives and targets
  • Gain wisdom from the stories and experiences of senior leaders


2Session 2: Valuing Emotional Intelligence


Having strong emotional intelligence is crucial in the job search.

Emotionally intelligent people have a clear-cut understanding of who they are and where they are headed. You need to be resilient – maintaining your own energy and managing your own emotions in order to navigate the course.

In this session participants will:

  • Understand why emotional intelligence is a critical skill set for success in any career or endeavor; especially in leadership roles
  • Discover a powerfully simple model for learning emotional intelligence that will elevate your influence and effectiveness
  • Identify patterns and triggers that either drive or derail your performance
  • Generate insights on your personal emotional intelligence strengths and gaps


3Session 3: Resume Rehab

A panel of HR professionals will join us for this session to provide guidance and advice.

In this session participants will:

  • Start to think strategically about your resume. Your resume is not your medical report that states everything you have every done – its your marketing document that positions you directly against the role that you’re applying for
  • Learn what recruiters look for when reviewing resumes
  • Review the newest best-practices for resume writing


4Session 4: Confident Interviews/Confidence Building


In this session participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Interviewer’s perspective so you can better prepare for your interview.
  • Answer common interview questions with confidence “Tell me about yourself?” and “Take me through your resume.”
  • Learn a framework to answer behavioural questions with more impact and clarity.
  • Explore ways to be your authentic self to appear confident and calm during your interview.


5Session 5: Career Catch-All/Share-All


This session covers “everything else” that goes along with career changes.. This is your opportunity ask questions about cover letters, how to work with recruiters,  discuss salary negotiations, LinkedIn Tips and how to gracefully and gratefully move into your new roles. 


6Session 6: Redesigned for Success


In this session participants will:

  • Mentor Wrap Up
  • Make a personal and professional ask of your program peers
  • Reciprocate with suggestions and actions


Participant Registration

Registration includes:

One-on-one mentoring with a senior executive leader
Opportunity to meet with HR professionals for guidance and advice
Invitation to join Scala’s LinkedIn group to stay in touch with program peers, mentors, and receive links to great articles and leadership resources
Emotional Intelligence assessment & personal debrief coaching session

Space is limited to 15 participants.