Here’s How to Laugh Your Way to Wellness 


It’s no joke: Laughter is commonly recognized amongst the medical community as a tonic for stress relief and wellbeing.


Laughter helps the body:


  • Rejuvenate the organs with fresh oxygen intake
  • Activate the stress relief response
  • Stimulate blood circulation & helps to relax muscles


As a result, you leave feeling more relaxed and less stressed. Over time, laughter has been shown to increase the immune system, relieve pain, and improve your long-term mood!


Beyond the research, we all know anecdotally that laughing feels good. Laughing helps us feel the light side of life in challenging times. It helps us connect with those we love. It reminds us that life is unexpected and delightful.


When’s the last time you had a good laugh? Who were you with? What were you laughing about? I bet even just thinking about the memory brings a smile to your lips!


While we all might recognize that laughter is important and fun, few of us make it a priority to include laughter as a regular part of life. But with the benefits above, we could all afford to schedule laughter into our lives. Here’s how.


3 Ideas to Regularly Laugh:


1.Connect laughter to your regular routine by making a small switch.

For example, if you already watch TV every night, could you introduce a comedy show or movie into your regular rotation? What is a regular habit you have where you could easily throw in a little humor and a good laugh?


2. Spend more time with that person.

Many of us have a person or people in our life who keep us laughing every time we see them. Make it a priority to spend time with that person regularly, and watch your wellbeing increase.


3. Don’t hold back.

Have you ever been in a group where one person starts laughing so hard that soon everyone finds themselves in stitches? When you feel the urge to laugh, let it flow and be contagious. You don’t need to suppress a good laugh– you’ll do your health (and your loved ones) a favor by letting it grow!


Laughter is a tonic for the body, mind, and soul. Regularly incorporating laughter into your routine may just be as important as your exercise and hygiene habits, so take the time to prioritize it as such. When will your next good laugh be?