Thursday, April 2, 2019  |  9:00 am – noon

Having Brave Conversations


Effectively handling conflict situations is critical to your success as a leader.
And your ability to conduct difficult conversations is an important building block in creating trust and respect with your team.

While taking care to be tactful is important, you must also be aware of what’s happening beneath the surface when engaging in these interactions. In fact, there are three different “conversations” taking place, largely unspoken, and how these play out will have significant consequences for everyone involved.

In this session participants will:

+ Deconstruct what’s really going on in the conversation and build a deeper understanding of the underlying issues.
+ Discuss the techniques and steps that will increase your effectiveness in conflict situations and result in positive outcomes.

Participants will practice what they’ve learned:

+ Describe the three conversations, using a personal example:

  • The “What Happened” conversation – the content
  • The “Feelings” conversation – the reaction
  • The “Identity” conversation – what’s at stake

+ Analyze the impact of these conversations from each participant’s point of view.
+ Employ strategies for increasing the effectiveness of these conversations.

Workshop Info

Venue: The Granite Club (2350 Bayview Ave.)

Rate: $250 plus HST

Space is limited to 8 participants!
Only one person per company to ensure open discussion.

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