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Take the Lead

Team Leadership

An in-depth and intimate executive leadership program designed for emerging female leaders just like you.

Scala’s Network’s Take the Lead Series is a totally unique and intimate executive program designed to prepare emerging women leaders to advance to the next level in their careers. The program of three sessions combines in-depth roundtable discussion and custom workshop programming with the opportunity to meet and engage with some of Canada’s most successful women.

2020 Fall Program Dates:

Building High-Performing Teams  |  October 1,  3 pm – 9 pm

BigStorming® for Great Ideas that Achieve Results  |  October 22, 3 pm – 7 pm

The Shift to Leader as Coach |  November 12, 9 am – 12 pm (via Zoom)

Strengthening Interpersonal Team Dynamics  |  December 3, 3 pm – 8 pm

Take the Lead

Team Leadership

Today’s teams face new challenges – team members bring a greater diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, they’re often more widely dispersed, and they’re increasingly dependent on complex technologies to function. However, the success of a team still centers on core fundamentals of collaboration and shared commitment. To create and nurture high-performance teams, leaders need to strengthen the factors that will motivate and engage, and build resilience and flexibility to adapt to constant change. So, how can we help you become a more effective team leader and improve the energy and collaboration in your team, raise performance and drive creativity and innovation?

Take the Lead is a series of programs that we have developed at Scala Network for women who are ready to take the next step in their careers. In our Team Leadership program, you will learn the building blocks to create successful teams, how to generate big ideas through effective brainstorming, and improve your leadership with a coaching approach to enhance both individual performance and team dynamics.

Our leadership programs are interactive and collaborative, offering experiential learning and inspiration from expert facilitators and experienced women business leaders. In this intimate and supportive environment, we will challenge assumptions, share leadership wisdom, and strengthen the skills that will help you achieve your potential as a team leader.

Please join us this exciting new program from Scala Network.

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Scala Network

The purpose of Scala’s networking and collaborative learning model is simple: Ignite discussion

Our guest mentors encourage participation and conversation by:

Providing Fuel for Thought
Leading Round Table Discussions
Sharing Insights, Perspectives & Questions

Scala Network’s mentors are the first to acknowledge setbacks and challenges in navigating their own roads to success. They share their own personal or professional anecdotes and experiences to provide real life perspective on session topics, engaging the group in conversation and creating a connectedness that deepens during the program.

Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet with each of the mentors to exchange ideas, share challenges that keep you up at night, and learn techniques to solve problems and harness your opportunities to grow as a leader.

1Session 1: Building High-Performing Teams


Great leaders know how to get the most out of their team. They energize, orient, and engage their employees with a vision that inspires and, at the same time, communicates what needs to be done and why. The team buys into a common identity based on shared values. They create processes that break down barriers to cooperation and information exchange. And the team leader ensures that each employee feels valued for their contribution to the team’s overall goals and the success of the organization.

In this session, participants will explore the following topics and take away concrete ideas and proven approaches:
  • Building the right team and team structure – optimizing the size and mix, balancing strengths and skills, and designing tasks and processes.
  • Motivating your team – boosting morale, trust and empowerment by inspiring and enabling your team.
  • Providing effective feedback – using recognition as a powerful motivator and confidence builder, and directive feedback to guide, support and maintain team momentum.
  • The importance of goal setting – setting explicit goals that are challenging and consequential to inspire team creativity and commitment.
  • Measuring team effectiveness – evaluating outputs and performance, collaborative ability, and individual development.

2Session 2: BigStorming® for Great Ideas
that Achieve Results


Innovative ideas are like oxygen: they energize, they stimulate, they nourish. Many of us have endured bad brainstorming sessions, where the most frequent insight is: “That would never work” and the end result is: “keep on doing what we’re doing, only do it better, faster, or re-package it in a different colour”. Big ideas rally customers and teams around a brand. They incite passion and they achieve impressive results.
But where do great ideas come from? And how do you get them? Through training and research, Barefoot Brainstorming has developed a process guaranteed to produce big ideas: BigStorming®. During this high energy, hands-on session, you will learn and apply a number of unique brainstorming techniques that are guaranteed to generate big ideas that will knock your socks off!

In this session, participants will learn how:
  • •Well-designed brainstorming gives a team absolute permission to look around at a bigger world of ideas and possibilities.
  • Great brainstorming encourages new perspectives and it drives risk management right into the mainstream consciousness of the organization.
  • Effective brainstorming depends on using a very specific scientifically proven creative process – not just getting together around cold pizza and asking if anyone has an idea!

3Session 3: The Shift to Leader as Coach


(Offered via Zoom)

The world in which we work and lead is in the midst of a major culture shift, from old style command and control towards a new, more collaborative way of working. This shift is driven by an accelerating pace of change and the increasing complexity of the challenges we’re facing. A crucial implication of this shift is that collaboration sits at the core of how work gets done and how leaders need to lead.

Effective collaboration requires high levels of conversation intelligence and a social climate conducive to high quality connections and engagement. A coaching approach is a specialized form of conversation intelligence and an important element in helping leaders to successfully make this shift.

IIn this workshop, we address the following questions:
  • What is a coach approach and why does it matter?
  • What’s driving the shift towards a coach approach to leadership?
  • What does it mean for you to shift to a coach approach?
  • What are the keys to an effective coach approach?
Participants of this session can expect:
  • A highly interactive learning experience with engaging activities and practice.
  • Focused learning to help you gain competence, confidence and credibility.
  • Concrete ideas and coaching frameworks to enhance your effectiveness as a team leader.

4Session 4: Strengthening Interpersonal Team Dynamics


Understanding different styles and building awareness of individual’s strengths can help a leader to design a collaborative environment that will enable complementary partnering and support within the team, increase creativity and innovation, and promote a higher level of clarity, accountability and autonomy. An effective team creates norms that encourage positive group dynamics and strengthens engagement and commitment to the team, fueling energy and productivity, and enhancing adaptability and resilience.

In this session, team leaders will learn to:
  • Influence and persuade others in a team culture that respects diverse perspectives.
  • Achieve consensus for improved decision making and shared accountability.
  • Become an empathetic leader to encourage open dialogue and build trust.
  • Manage stress effectively and build resilience in the team.
  • Celebrate wins and team progress, acknowledging that everyone’s success is amplified by being part of the team.

Fall 2020 mentors to be confirmed soon.

Fall 2019 mentors

Catherine Ince

Catherine Ince 

SVP Client Services and Sales Enablement
Environics Analytics

Julia Cartwright

Head of People and Culture 
GroupBy Inc.

Kristine Lyrette

Publicis Media
Paula Attfield

Paula Attfield

Stephen Thomas Ltd.

Pouneh Hanafi

Vice-President Marketing
Tulip Retail

Spring 2019 mentors


Michele Sexsmith

Senior Vice-President
Environics Analytics

Nancy Melcher

Nancy Melcher Consulting

Linda Hills

Head of Learning & Leadership Development
University of Toronto

Nina Moritsugu

Associate General Counsel, Canada Counsel 

Saeideh Fard

Chief Financial Officer
Tulip Retail

Leadership Team


Christina Greenberg

Scala Network

Maggie DiStasi

Career Transition & Leadership Coach
Process Based Living

Marilyn Barefoot

Barefoot Brainstorming

Program Partner


Join the conversation to connect, learn and advance

Venue: Granite Club,

Program rate: $2495 + HST

Please note: Attendance is limited and we only accept one registration per company to ensure open discussion and confidentiality.

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