Scala’s Network’s Take the Lead Series is a totally unique and intimate executive program designed to prepare emerging women leaders to advance to the next level in their careers. The program of three sessions combines in-depth roundtable discussion and custom workshop programming with the opportunity to meet and engage with some of Canada’s most successful women.

2019 Dates:

To be announced.

Fall dates available soon.

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Take the Lead

Leadership Effectiveness

Realize your leadership potential

Successful leaders communicate a vision with confidence and clear direction. They exude confidence, they are wonderfully articulate in presenting fresh ideas, they embrace admirable values, and they’re inclusive of others, motivating and inspiring their teams to greater heights. Although most of us are not born leaders, we can emulate and learn from the success of other leaders we admire, and practice the skills that will help us grow into the leader we want to be.

Take the Lead is a series of programs that we have developed at Scala Network for women who are ready to take the next step in their careers. Our Leadership Effectiveness program offers a unique opportunity to interact with and learn first hand from some of Canada’s most successful women leaders. They will work with you to develop a personalized plan that will help you to build the confidence and learn the skills you will need to succeed and grow in your organization.

This program is the first step to discover your individual path and realize your potential as a leader. Join us and invest in yourself and in your organization for a successful future.

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Scala Network

The purpose of Scala’s networking and collaborative learning model is simple: Ignite discussion

Our guest mentors encourage participation and conversation by:

Providing Fuel for Thought
Leading Round Table Discussions
Sharing Insights, Perspectives & Questions

Scala Network’s mentors are the first to acknowledge setbacks and challenges in navigating their own roads to success. They share their own personal or professional anecdotes and experiences to provide real life perspective on session topics, engaging the group in conversation and creating a connectedness that deepens during the program. Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet with each of the mentors to exchange ideas, share challenges that keep you up at night, and learn techniques to solve problems and harness your opportunities to grow as a leader.

1Session 1: Unconscious Bias

with Shanin Lott
Managing Director, Talent and Professional Resources, Stikeman Elliott

Biases can have a considerable impact on who gets hired, retained and promoted in an organization. Women continue to face unconscious bias in the workplace as a result of ongoing gender expectations and stereotypes. While building awareness goes a long way, and organizations are increasingly focused on doing so in order to create more diverse and inclusive work environments, it’s important for women to be aware of existing biases and how to counter them both individually and as a leader in their organizations.

In this session we will:
  • Review key studies on the role unconscious bias plays as a barrier to women’s advancement and leadership
  • Explore the specific biases that women face in the workplace and how
  • Engage in a lively discussion (and debate!) about practical strategies that women can use to mitigate biases, both as:
    • Individual women facing them
    • Leaders within the organization and with their own team members
The goal of this session:

Gain a greater awareness of how to recognize biases at play and be a force to combat biases as leaders in your own organization.

2Session 2: Impactful Communications

with Marianne Gobeil
CEO & Chief Communications Counsel, Leading Communicators Inc.

More than ever, communication is a key competency of leadership.  What you say and how you say it, has a direct bearing on your leadership influence and impact.  Research shows that the highest performing leaders are great communicators: they speak so that others listen, understand and respond.  As a leader or aspiring leader, you should know that every time you speak – whether inside your organization to your staff, your peers, or your boss, or outside your organization to your customers or potential customers – you have an opportunity to convey leadership.  In this session, you’ll learn how.

Through discussion and practical exercise to apply the principles, you’ll learn:
  • How leadership emerges through what you say and what you do
  • How leadership communication is distinct, and goes beyond public speaking or presentation skills
  • The essential, evidence-based principles of leadership communication
  • The formula for effective leadership communication that you can apply to your own communication and ensure that you speak so that others will listen, understand and respond
The goal of this session:
  • Gain understanding and awareness of how your leadership is conveyed when you speak
  • Apply the effective leadership communication formula and learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Develop greater confidence in your speaking ability and strengthen your leadership capability

3Session 3: Character Personality

with Christina Greenberg
President, Scala Network

Character strengths are the fuel and rudder that drive and direct our energy and talents.

The science of character strengths has exploded in the last decade compiling plenty of new insight and knowledge about the power of these core positive qualities in people.

The growing body of research is finding, among other things, that people who use their strengths more at work:

  • Experience less stress and more resilience;
  • Are happier;
  • Have better relationships with others;
  • Have more energy;
  • Are more motivated and engaged in their work; and,
  • Are more agile and creative at work.

An interactive exploration of strengths increases the awareness and appreciation of individual strengths and provides rich clarity for leading from a place of authentic strength.

The goal of this session:
  • Have a greater appreciation for your own strengths;
  • Have a greater appreciation for the strengths of others;
  • Understand the power of applying strengths more consistently at work;
  • Recognize the important opportunity for leveraging and magnifying strengths; and,
  • Feel more powerfully centered, energized and uplifted.

Working with strengths is often a transformative experience. As a leader, getting clear on character strengths is an essential step for building more authentic, centered and confident leadership.

4Session 4: The Impact of Self Confidence

with Andrea Johnson
Chief Storyteller, Brain Candy

Today we have many roles, which have very vocal and sometimes well “defined” expectations of success. As women, we play many roles in our life. Whether we’re a leader, mentor, parent, child or friend, self-confidence is inextricably linked with our success in these roles. Yet, for many women, confidence is not a constant state of being and can often be challenged on several fronts – social, personal and professional contexts. This session offers a unique opportunity to examine what self-confidence means, the factors that affect it and how self-confidence can have a positive effect on the people around us.

In this open discussion we will examine:
  1. Key facts and myths about the role confidence plays in our own definition of success and share our collective perspectives on how it can serve as a great foundation for the leadership roles in your life.
  2. Examine the gender gap in self-confidence, the perception and theories for why it exists and discuss techniques to overcome and opportunities for growth;
  3. Discuss the dynamic of women’s relationships in the office and the importance of women mentors in inspiring and training future female leaders.
The goal of this session:

To create a safe environment where you can examine what self-confidence means to you, the impact can have on success and the key role emerging leaders have on the development of others. Together, these factors have a vital role in your personal development.

Fall 2018 mentors to be announced soon!

Spring 2018 mentors


Cari Covent

Vice-President, Integrated Automation
Canadian Tire Corporation

Maura Hanley

SVP General Manager
Havas Media Canada

Edith Rosa

VP, Director of Client Services
Camp Jefferson

Trinh Tham

Vice-President, Integrated Marketing

Fall 2017 mentors


Joanne Thomsen

VP, Talent
MaRS Discovery District

Lara Dewar

Chief Marketing & Development Officer
World Vision Canada

Adrian Lang

Head of Small Business Payments
Bank of Montreal

Carolyn Ansley

CEO & Founder
Brand for Benefit

Michele Sexsmith

Senior Vice-President
Environics Analytics

Saeideh Fard

Chief Financial Officer
Worldview Travel


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Venue: Granite Club,

Program rate: $2295 + HST

Please note: Attendance is limited and we only accept one registration per company to ensure open discussion and confidentiality.


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