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Take the Lead

Leadership Development Online Program

An in-depth and intimate executive leadership program designed to foster skills in emerging female leaders.

Scala’s Network’s Take the Lead Series is a totally unique and intimate executive program designed to prepare emerging women leaders to advance to the next level in their careers. The program of three sessions combines in-depth roundtable discussion and custom workshop programming with the opportunity to meet and engage with some of Canada’s most successful women.

2020 Summer Program Dates:

Standing Strong in Your Leadership Strengths

June 11 2020, 1 pm – 4:30 pm EST


The Neuroscience of Emotions and Self-Awareness: Workshop 1

June 25 2020, 1 pm – 3 pm EST

Self-Management: Workshop 2

July 9 2020, 1 pm – 3 pm EST

Give Yourself & Next Steps: Workshop 3

July 22 2020, 1 pm – 3 pm EST

Activating Leadership: Your Personal Toolbox

August 12 2020, 1 pm – 4:30 pm EST

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Take the Lead

Invest in women leaders

The reality remains that gender parity at the top does not yet exist in many industries. Yet countless studies indicate business are more profitable with gender-balanced leadership teams. At Scala Network, we believe that investing in the development of women leaders today will have a tremendous positive effect on our economy and future generations of women.

Take the Lead is a series of programs that we have developed for women who are ready to take the next step in their careers. In our Leadership Development program, you will gain awareness of your current attitudes and strengths and learn techniques and solutions that will help you to grow as a leader. Our leadership programs are interactive and collaborative, offering interactive learning and inspiration from experienced Coaches and Mentors. In this intimate and supportive environment, we will challenge assumptions, share leadership wisdom, and learn about individual leadership styles, strengths, and personal potential.
We hope that organizations such as yours will invest in their women leaders by nominating someone to attend the Leadership Development program.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Scala Network

The purpose of Scala’s networking and collaborative learning model is simple: Ignite discussion

Our guest mentors encourage participation and conversation by:

Providing Fuel for Thought
Leading Round Table Discussions
Sharing Insights, Perspectives & Questions

Scala Network’s mentors are the first to acknowledge setbacks and challenges in navigating their own roads to success. They share their own personal or professional anecdotes and experiences to provide real life perspective on session topics, engaging the group in conversation and creating a connectedness that deepens during the program. Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet with each of the mentors to exchange ideas, share challenges that keep you up at night, and learn techniques to solve problems and harness your opportunities to grow as a leader.

1Session 1: Standing Strong in Your Leadership Strengths


Discover and find language for the unique strengths that are working for you today. Gain insight on what’s holding you back from giving your best more often.

  • Are you clear on the specific leadership strengths that are driving your success today?
  • Do you know how you uniquely captivate and motivate others?
  • How do you influence and inspire?
  • Are you aware of what gets in your way?
In this session participants will:
  • Explore a framework that will help you lead brilliantly in today’s complex environment
  • Generate insight on the strengths and limitations of 5 Critical Leadership Competencies
  • Build self awareness of your unique strengths
  • Gain wisdom from the stories and experiences of senior leaders
Participants will take away:
  • A powerful framework that illustrates the different ways you can lead, allowing flexibility and agility to apply the right leadership style in each situation
  • Greater grounding and confidence in your unique combination of leadership strengths
  • New bonds and relationships to build on in future sessions


2 The Neuroscience of Emotions and Self-Awareness

Workshop 1

In the first session, we will discover the neuroscience of emotions. Because emotions are simply chemicals produced by different parts of the brain, understanding how they work is the first step towards recognizing, and then navigating them. We’ll take a look at the parts of the brain that are involved, and how we can train ourselves to slow down and be aware of what’s happening for us in the moment. We will also look at the how we can recognize our long held patterns of behavior in response to those emotions.

3 Self-Management

Workshop 2

In the second session, we will tackle the most difficult part of emotional intelligence – self-management. Most of us are really good at responding effectively under normal circumstances, however, how we react when under stress is the true litmus test of emotional intelligence. While the brain is designed to protect us from threats, it responds in the same way whether if we’re being chased by an animal or facing down a colleague who is criticizing our work, despite the rational difference between them. In this session, we will look at the four competencies that comprise self-management and learn simple techniques for building our muscles in each.

4 Give Yourself & Next Steps

Workshop 3

In the third session, we will look at connection. How do you connect with what’s important to you, and how do you connect with others? A big part of emotional intelligence is your impact on others and on the world at large, so we will explore techniques for building the skills of demonstrating empathy and leading a purpose driven life. To conclude, because changing behavior takes a significant investment of effort, we’re also going to spend a portion of this session creating a thoughtful strategy for meaningful change.

5Session 5: Activating Leadership – Your Personal Toolbox


In this session, we’ll help you create a powerful vision for yourself as a leader, and set intentions for who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish.

In this session participants will:
  • Build a picture of the leader you strive to be
  • Define the journey that will allow you to achieve that vision
  • Develop your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them
  • Co-create a plan with other leaders on how you can support each other in ongoing fulfillment and success

Session Format

Rather than following a predefined curriculum, this dynamic session will be tailored to the needs of each participant in the program. Participants will choose topics that they would like to explore further, individually and as a group, and our mentors will help guide the discussion to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the conversation.

Session topics in the past included Having Difficult Conversations, How to Influence & Persuade Others, Work-Life Harmony, Self Confidence, Conflict Management and many more.

Summer 2020 mentors


Amanda Mitchell

Vice-President, Brand
Minto Group Inc
mentor Cheryl-Nicholson

Cheryl Nicholson

Executive Vice-President
Tulip Retail

Kate Nazar

Vice-President, Strategy & Market Development
Sun Life Financial

Nina Moritsugu

Legal Director
Associate General Counsel, Canada

Fall 2019 mentors


Carolyn O’Grady-Gold

Vice-President, Merchandising
mentor Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

Marketing Instructor
George Brown College



Jennifer Jones

VP, Business & Commercial Development, Aeroplan
Air Canada

Heather Haslam

Vice-President, Marketing

Karin Muchall

VP Leadership Talent, Development & Operations
PwC Canada

Summer 2019 mentors


Sharon Brown

Vice-President, Consulting Services
Environics Analytics
mentor Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

Marketing Strategy Leader
United Way Greater Toronto

Dow Marcus

Executive Vice-President
PI Fine Art/PI Creative

Julie Mitchell

Founding Partner
Parcel Design

Dorothy Czylyski

Head of Health
No Fixed Address Inc.

Program Partner


Join the conversation to connect, learn and advance

Program rate: $1995 + sales tax

Participant Registration

+ Registration includes access to senior leaders for group mentoring
+ Invitation to join Scala’s Take the Lead LinkedIn group to stay in touch with program peers, mentors, and receive links to great articles and leadership resources
+ Emotional Intelligence assessment & personal debrief coaching session

Please note: Attendance is limited and we only accept one registration per company to ensure open discussion and confidentiality.

Mentor Meet Ups

In addition to the program training sessions, we invite current participants and graduates of Take the Lead programs to join us for ongoing networking events to make new connections and to continue the conversation on leadership.

Become a Scala Network Partner

Are you looking to invest in your women leaders?  Do you have products, tools and resources that could add value to our events and to our attendees?  If so, we would love to have a conversation with you about becoming a Partner.

We collaborate with your team to devise customized activations that uniquely position your organization and engage our network. As a Partner of our Take the Lead Series, your investment covers the cost of registration for a women leader from your organization as well as sponsoring the registration cost for a woman in transition.  Partners are profiled in our program promotions online and at the event, and have the opportunity to provide collateral materials to participants.  We also offer Partners editorial opportunities to share thought leadership content with our entire network.

For more information on becoming a Partner with Scala Network and the Take the Lead Series, please contact Christina Greenberg.