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Take the Lead

Elevating Your Leadership Online Program

A new in-depth, practical and intimate program designed for leaders with over 10 years of experience.


Scala’s Network’s Take the Lead Series is a totally unique and intimate executive program designed to prepare emerging women leaders to advance to the next level in their careers. The program of four sessions combines in-depth roundtable discussion and custom workshop programming with the opportunity to meet and engage with some of Canada’s most successful women.

Fall 2021-Winter 2022 dates:

Session 1
Oct 28
3-5:00 pm EST

Program Introduction

Session 2
Nov 10
2:30 – 5 pm EST

Making “you” a priority

Session 3
Dec 1
1:30 – 5 pm EST

Enhancing your leadership mindset

Session 4
Jan 13
2 – 5:00 pm EST

Followership: The Ying to Leadership’s Yang

Session 5
Feb 3
2:30 – 5 pm EST

Creating and articulating your personal brand

Session 6
Feb 24
1:30 – 5 pm EST

Storytelling: Creating a deeper connection with your audience

Session 7
Mar 24
1:30 – 5 pm EST

Building your leadership toolkit

Session 8
Apr 7
3 – 5:00 pm EST

Setting intentions for your leadership journey

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Take the Lead

Elevating Your Leadership

Have you reached a cross-roads in your career?

Are you uncertain about how to take your leadership to the next level?

Perhaps it’s time to take a pause, to identify what’s working well and where you need to make a change. Even the most experienced leaders will acknowledge that reflection and continuous learning are critical for sustained success and personal growth.

Elevating your Leadership is a new Scala Network program designed for leaders with over 10 years of experience. We will explore practical strategies, approaches and ideas to expand and deepen your leadership skillset. Workshop sessions will offer hands-on and collaborative experiences in an intimate and supportive environment, and participants will be inspired by the expert facilitators and experienced women business leaders who participate as Coaches and Mentors.

A unique component of the Elevating your Leadership program is three one-hour coaching sessions. You will be matched with a Business Coach, and your Coach will provide a personalized coaching program to meet your needs and goals, offering support and feedback throughout and after the workshop sessions. These coaching meetings will help you to put your new learning into practice in the context of their own work environment and growth plan.

Workshop sessions will cover a wide range of topics to help you to reach your potential as a leader:

  • Setting yourself up for success by adopting a leadership mindset and learning how to establish boundaries, build a support network, and improve your presence and listening skills to connect with and influence others.
  • Embracing followership for stronger organizational results and improved leadership.
  • Storytelling to engage your audience in an authentic and compelling way that will also help you to stand out and be visible.
  • Building your toolkit of leadership skills with new questions and ideas that arise throughout the program and your coaching sessions.

As we adapt to the challenges of a new work environment, there is no better time to explore ways to improve your leadership effectiveness and live your best life.

Please join us for Elevating your Leadership program and continue along your journey to becoming a remarkable leader.

Warm regards,


Scala Network

The purpose of Scala’s networking and collaborative learning model is simple: Ignite discussion

Our guest mentors encourage participation and conversation by:

Providing Fuel for Thought
Leading Round Table Discussions
Sharing Insights, Perspectives & Questions

Scala Network’s mentors are the first to acknowledge setbacks and challenges in navigating their own roads to success. They share their own personal or professional anecdotes and experiences to provide real life perspective on session topics, engaging the group in conversation and creating a connectedness that deepens during the program. Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet with each of the mentors to exchange ideas, share challenges that keep you up at night, and learn techniques to solve problems and harness your opportunities to grow as a leader.

1Session 2: Program introduction

In this session, you will meet and network with other participants and our mentors who will lead discussions and share personal insights during parts of the program. We will provide an overview of the program workshops, and discuss how the coaching sessions and the practice of reflection and journaling will help you to apply the learning in your personal leadership journey.

2Session 2: Making “you” a priority

As you move up in your career, the added responsibilities, a greater stress on work and life balance, and the emotional toll of working with and managing other people can drain your batteries pretty quickly. Research shows that investing the time to take care of yourself, to practice good habits for your body, your mind and your heart will pay off with better health, greater energy and a calmer disposition to deal with the challenges you face every day.

In this workshop, you will learn from self-care experts and develop a personalized action plan that you will put into practice throughout this program:
  • Your body: Practical approaches to improve your habits for sleep, eating and exercise.
  • Your brain: Helping you unlock your full potential by reducing the interference of the mind.
  • Your heart: Setting intentions and practicing gratitude and appreciation to live a positive and happier life.

3Session 3: Enhancing your leadership mindset

We’ve all heard the expression “fake it until you make it”, but a far more effective way to kickstart your learning and growth is to adopt new habits and a leadership mindset. What are the opportunities in your own life and work where you could reflect, reframe, and rethink? A leader must be willing to embark on a path of self-discovery, to embrace change within themselves, to experiment and learn from new ideas and approaches, and to lead others mindfully and with purpose in order to achieve their goals.

In this session, we will discuss opportunities and ways to:
  • Establish boundaries learn to negotiate and communicate your priorities and limits with others in order to achieve balance and build resilience for you and your team.
  • Connect with mentors and sponsors both internally and externally and develop your support system and community.
  • Learn the practical value of being fully present and a good listener, to understand more deeply, and uncover emotions, values and beliefs in order to connect and engage with others, build trust and solve problems more effectively.

4Session 4: Followership: The Ying to Leadership’s Yang

Are you a good follower? Chances are that you haven’t given this concept much thought. And, if you have, you might question if being a good follower is necessary given your track record and focus as a leader. Followership is an emerging field of study that is proving to be an important driver of organizational results, and also a key indicator of a person’s potential for senior leadership.

In this session participants will:
  • Explore the difference between followership and following.
  • Discover how, as a leader, you can nurture great followers.
  • Learn new concepts and practice reflective exercises that will transform your relationship with your team and your peers.
Participants will take away:
  • Opportunities to experiment with the concept of followership in your organization.
  • How to adopt the necessary mindset and behaviours required to become an effective follower.
  • Put into action the key leadership behaviours to support great followership from your team.

5Creating and articulating your personal brand

With so many pressures in our lives, we rarely take the time to think deeply about ourselves, to reflect on our purpose and our strengths, and formulate our own unique personal brand.  This is an opportunity to focus on yourself and to create and personalize your brand story using proven techniques.

In this session participants will:
  • Take part in and be coached through intensive exercises that focus on YOU.
  • Discover your positive, relevant and unique traits that differentiate you.
  • Explore frameworks that will help you to articulate your personal brand effectively.
Participants will take away:
  • Define your unique identity and describe your superpowers.
  • Communicate your personal brand AND elevate your presence.

6Session 6: Storytelling: Creating a deeper connection with your audience

Storytelling, at its core, is how humans communicate in all aspects of their life. In business, sharing a story of your personal experience and learning can be the most compelling way to deliver your message and inspire your audience. Stories shape how your audience thinks and feels and helps them to make the connection with their own challenges and opportunities. Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just providing the facts. Emotion is truly the fast lane to the brain.

In this session participants will:
  • Take part in a high energy, hands-on workshop to learn and apply storytelling skills.
  • Discover how being memorable is all about being real and vulnerable.
  • Learn how to offer insights about yourself to be both authentic and engaging and observe how storytelling allows your personal brand to shine through.
Participants will take away:
  • Best practices on the fine art and science of story structure.
  • When and how to use stories effectively.
  • Methods to engage and connect with the audience through well told stories.

7Session 7: Building your leadership toolkit

Over the course of this program, you will put into practice and experiment with new approaches and ideas from the workshops. You will also have the opportunity to deepen your learning through your personal coaching sessions and your journal reflections. This session is an excellent opportunity to explore new questions and ideas that arise throughout the program that you wish to discuss with your fellow participants and our mentors.

Prior to the session, we will give participants an opportunity to identify topics that they would like to explore further, both individually and as a group. Topics could include further discussion on leadership challenges such as navigating change and influencing senior management and also extend into topics such as self-care, mindfulness and resilience. Our mentors will lead the discussion to ensure everyone gets the most out of the conversation.

8Session 8: Setting Intentions for your Leadership Journey

Participants will complete a final reflection exercise prior to the session. As we meet online for our last session, each person will share their insights and goals. This is also a great opportunity to tap into additional insights and learning from our Coaches and Mentors and provide any feedback on the program experience. We encourage our participants to continue to network with each other and with the mentors after the program has ended, in order to share learning and seek support in their personal development as a leader.

2021 Mentors to be confirmed soon!

Program Team


Jacqueline Arnold

Founder, Leadership & Mental Fitness Coach
I Heart My Work
Marilyn Barefoot

Marilyn Barefoot

Barefoot Brainstorming

Maggie DiStasi

Executive & Career Coach
Maggie DiStasi Coaching

Adrienne Enns

CEO & Chief Joy Curator
May You Know Joy Inc.

Annie Gaudreault

VEEV health and wellness

Jane Gaynor

Founder & Certified Coach
Gain Your Edge Coaching

Christina Greenberg

Scala Network

Linda Hills

Emergent Assets

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Chief Talker & Communication Coach
Talk About Talk

Program Partner TBD

Join the conversation to connect, learn and advance

Program rate: $2895 + sales tax

3 personal coaching sessions + 2 curated wellness boxes

Participant Registration

+ Registration includes 3 coaching sessions and 2 curated wellness boxes as well as access to senior leaders for group mentoring

+ Invitation to join Scala’s Take the Lead LinkedIn group to stay in touch with program peers, mentors, and receive links to great articles and leadership resource

Please note: Attendance is limited and we only accept one registration per company to ensure open discussion and confidentiality.

Mentor Meet Ups

In addition to the program training sessions, we invite current participants and graduates of Take the Lead programs to join us for ongoing networking events to make new connections and to continue the conversation on leadership.

Become a Scala Network Partner

Are you looking to invest in your women leaders?  Do you have products, tools and resources that could add value to our events and to our attendees?  If so, we would love to have a conversation with you about becoming a Partner.

We collaborate with your team to devise customized activations that uniquely position your organization and engage our network. As a Partner of our Take the Lead Series, your investment covers the cost of registration for a women leader from your organization as well as sponsoring the registration cost for a woman in transition.  Partners are profiled in our program promotions online and at the event, and have the opportunity to provide collateral materials to participants.  We also offer Partners editorial opportunities to share thought leadership content with our entire network.

For more information on becoming a Partner with Scala Network and the Take the Lead Series, please contact Christina Greenberg.

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