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Becoming an Emotional Intelligent Leader




Do you know what separates successfully performing leaders from average?

It’s widely known that Emotional Intelligence is a differentiating factor.

But what is it? What does it look like? And how can you get it?

In this 3-week session participants will:
  • Explain the neuroscience of emotions
  • Explain why emotional intelligence is a critical skill set for success in any career or endeavor; especially in leadership roles
  • Identify patterns and triggers that either drive or derail your performance
  • Generate insights on your personal emotional intelligence strengths and gaps
  • Immediately apply straightforward techniques to improve your emotional intelligence




Session 1 – The Neuroscience of Emotions and Self-Awareness – 2 hours Zoom

In the first session, we will discover the neuroscience of emotions.   Because emotions are simply chemicals produced by different parts of the brain, understanding  how they work is the first step towards recognizing, and then navigating them.  We’ll take a look at the parts of the brain that are involved, and how we can train ourselves to slow down and be aware of  what’s happening for us in the moment.  We will also look at the how we can recognize our long held patterns of behavior in response to those emotions.


Session 2 – Self-Management – 2 hours Zoom

In the second session, we will tackle the most difficult part of emotional intelligence – self-management  Most of us are really good at responding effectively under normal circumstances, however, how we react when under stress is the true litmus test of emotional intelligence.  While the brain is designed to protect us from threats, it responds in the same way whether if we’re being chased by a animal or facing down a colleague who is criticizing our work, despite the rational difference between them.  In this session, we will look at the four competencies that comprise self-management and learn simple techniques for building our muscles in each.


Session 3 – Give Yourself & Next Steps – 2 hours Zoom

In the third session, we will look at connection.  How do you connect with what’s important to you, and how do you connect with others?  A big part of emotional intelligence is your impact on others and on the world at large, so we will explore techniques for building the skills of demonstrating empathy and leading a purpose driven life.   To conclude, because changing behavior takes a significant investment of effort, we’re also going to spend a portion of this session creating a thoughtful strategy for meaningful change.


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