Gourmet learning with take out results.

At Scala, we incubate social and professional environments – Think Tanks, Leadership Programs, Mentor Lunches, and Coffee & Conversation – to offer members a way to share and learn from a network of real business people. Our team is here to help you connect, learn, and activate your career by authentically building – and nurturing – your network.

Networking with results.

networkingTo us, networking means more than herding 150+ professionals into a room, plying them with drinks, and crossing our fingers that they’ll bump into a prospect their boss needs them to pitch. To truly succeed at networking, we believe you need to actually connect with people – sharing perspectives, debating real issues, and opening up to new ideas. By moving past the elevator pitch and engaging in collaborative learning experiences, attendees walk away with that stack of business cards and authentic relationships.


Our networking model is simple: ignite discussion.

20 minutes of Inspiration & Fuel for Thought
20 minutes of Focused Scala Table Talk
20 minutes of Learning Insights, Perspectives & Questions

Middle Doesn’t Mean Mediocre.

We’ve all been to the same conferences where we celebrate only those at the top, leaving us temporarily inspired and with residual self-deprecation about our current success. For many of us, success doesn’t mean skyrocketing to the executive level, but rather making it home in time for dinner with our families, keeping social plans with friends, and being a reliable member of a work team.

At Scala Network, our mandate is to connect our members with a network of professionals that get what it’s like to be in the trenches of work and life and are brave enough to share war stories with an extra helping of gritty advice. The experts we hand-select to lead our events as co-chairs or speakers are in it not only to preach, but toteach and also learn from the group. If you ask us, we think, what’s better than a group of no-nonsense professionals thirsty for real-life counsel on how to not just do more, but do better.

So, What Makes Us Different?

conference-TS-200375935-001-2Developing quality events is easy. Building a community of members that belong, share and learn from each other, that’s where we thrive. How do we do this? We take the time to get to know you. Our programming evolves to meet the needs of our members and is always a co-creation, enlisting programming committees to ensure relevancy, diversity, and authenticity.

We keep our program sizes intimate, allowing for more interactive, one-on-one engagement, and guaranteed follow-up. By selecting program leaders and guest speakers that are genuinely invested in our members’ growth, we keep the dialogue going well beyond the end of the class, conference or coffee hour.