It’s Not About Balance. It’s About Choices.

We make life choices and the results of those choices emerge over time. At Scala Network we are very inclusive. No matter the level you’re at, our mission is to help you optimize the decisions that have gotten you to where you are now, and inspire you to advance to your next phase. By becoming a member, you’ll belong to a community that will evolve with you, adapting the tools offered based on your ever-changing needs.

business-women-TS-200350269At Scala Network we believe that if our members are carving out the time to attend one of our leadership programs, mentor lunches or social events, we owe them more than the bare minimum. We’ve been in the events industry and members of professional clubs long enough to know what it’s like entering a room with low-expectations, but the hope that you’ll glean something valuable to share with your team.

We believe you want more.

Scala Network events come with our guarantee that members will walk away with new real connections, tangible ideas, tools to help you nurture your network – and we invite you to hold us to it!