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A tremendous resource for many aspiring women leaders.

Here’s what some of our network is saying:


“The sessions guided me to become more self-aware with exercises that I can apply in both my professional and personal life – I appreciated the fact that there was not a strict line between one’s ‘professional self’ and personal self. The mentors were excellent – well chosen. Their strength and insight was truly inspiring.”

– Fall 2014 participant

“These sessions gave me a great sense of camaraderie with fellow female professionals – so valuable these days! Women typically work so hard to maintain senior roles that they don’t have time to mentor other women – it was fabulous to have unrestricted access to some very successful women (mentors and attendees). These sessions have also made me understand better that women consistently dwell on our weaknesses and has opened my eyes to viewing my skills as valuable instead of just inherent to who I am.”

– Fall 2014 participant

“The opportunity to participate in Take the Lead came at a perfect time for me. Just starting a new position with senior leadership responsibility, the tools I’ve gained from the sessions will support my overall growth and success in my new role. The content shared by mentors and participants was directly relevant to so many aspects of my life and will be applied at work, at home and on the soccer field with my kids. Thanks so much.”

– Spring 2015 participant

“The format is engaging, and the mentors are a valuable component to the program. Their experiences complimented the topics discussed. It was worthwhile to review the different types of leadership personalities, and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each one. One of the key aspects that define Scala events is the opportunity delve into key topics in alternating smaller groups. This offers the opportunity for everyone to speak with each other, and appreciate a wide range of perspectives. 

– Spring 2015 participant

“An inspiring program with an inspiring group of women. This is an experience I will never forget, full of content I’ll use daily.”

– Fall 2015 participant

“I would highly recommend the Scala Take the Lead program, the personal takeaways were invaluable. The confidence in my leadership skills has increased tremendously. From a practical perspective, I have learned new techniques for keeping myself at the top of my game. If you’re a woman in the prime of your career, or even just starting out, and you want to learn to be a better leader, then this course is for you”

–Fall 2015 participant

“The people are exceptional and I must say that Scala Network has a certain type of participants, not sure how this is done, but the inclusion is most important and to feel part of such a dynamic team is amazing.”

– Spring 2016 participant

“I was blown away by what I was able to learn about myself and leadership within a matter of weeks. I can already see how these sessions will help me in my current and future roles.

– Spring 2016 participant